Moonstone (Rainbow)

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Our Rainbow Moonstone originates from Madagascar where each mineral piece is sculpted and mined into small tumbled pieces. Our precious rainbow moonstones come in a unique colorful pastel color that makes them stand out. They are part of the moonstone family, which focuses on intuition, insight and love. The rainbow moonstones specifically focus on bringing relief to those who suffer from emotional issues such as depression, anger, or anxiety. It uses its divine feminine energies to enhance your love, helping reignite your passions for hobbies or objects that bring you happiness. Even if you consider yourself an emotionally healthy person, our peach moonstones are still a must have! They help open up your solar plexus chakra and heart chakra, bringing balance to your outward energies. Feel the love in even the smallest things and incline towards things that you feel passionate about! Simply carry the rainbow moonstone with you in your pocket or purse, you can also fashion them into accessory items!

  • Helps you explore your creating and loving energies
  • Connects your Heart and Personal Will (Solar Plexus) Chakra
  • Brings relief to emotional issues
  • Supports the heart and stimulates the mind decreasing anxiety